Date Name Place Country Publisher # of CDs CD / CD-R Comments Artwork
12.11.1975 First Gig In New York New York USA 2 CDR Yes
x.x.1976 Rising Rough Mix Definitive Edition - - LANGLEY
1 CD Yes
15.07.1976 Miami 7.15.76 Miami USA 2 CDR Yes
03.08.1976 A Light In Your Eyes Burbank Australia 2 CDR Yes
20.09.1976 First Rising In Europe Stockholm Sweden Rising Arrow
Rising Arrow-002
2 CD Live at Stockholm Konserthouser, Stockholm, Sweden
Limited numbered edition #147 of 300
bonus: two interviews
18.10.1976 A Hymn Den Haag Holland 1 CDR not a full gig Yes
18.10.1976 Den Haag 1976 Den Haag Holland Rising Arrow
Rising Arrow-001
2 CD Live at Congresgebauw, Den Haag, Holland
Limited numbered edition #169 of 300
09.11.1976 Incubus (Over Melbourne) Melbourne Australia Aziya Records 2 CD + interview Melbourne, November 21, 1976 Yes
11.11.1976 Sydney 1976 Sydney Australia LANGLEY
2 CD Live at Norden Pavillion Yes
05.12.1976 Stargazer Osaka Japan 2 CDR + 3 bonus tracks from Kyoto, Japan 10 Dec 1976 Yes
08.12.1976 Dynamism Osaka Japan LANGLEY
2 CD Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan
Mistreated dedicated to Tommy Bolin.
09.12.1976 Time Standing Still Osaka Japan Dynamite Studio
1 CD bonus: Sweet feat. Ritchie Blackmore - All Right Now (Santa Monica CA 24.03.1976) Yes
13.12.1976 Hakata 1976 Fukuoka Japan LANGLEY
2 CD Live at Kyuden-Kinen Taiikukan, Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan Yes
27.09.1977 Oslo 1977 Oslo Norway Rising Arrow
Rising Arrow-003
2 CD Live at Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway
Limited numbered edition #132 of 300
20.10.1977 Rockpalast Munich Germany 2 CDR Yes
17.01.1978 Starstruck - Live In Osaka 1978 Osaka Japan 2 CDR Yes
22.01.1978 Perfect On Stage Tokyo Japan 2 CDR Yes
23.06.1978 Hit The Rainbow Atlanta, Georgia USA 1 CDR bonus: LLRNR & Gates Of Babylon from the Don Kirchners Rock Concert 1978 Yes
30.09.1979 Down To Baltimore Baltimore USA 1 CDR Yes
12.10.1979 Rise Over Chicago Chicago USA 1 CDR + Grenoble, France, 09.02.80 Yes
11.11.1979 #9 Santa Monica, CA USA 1 CDR not a full gig Yes
30.11.1979 Perfect Roger's Birthday Party New York USA 1 CDR Yes
17.01.1980 All Night Long Gothenburg Sweden 2 CDR Yes
Over Europe Copenhagen
3 CDR Yes
12.05.1980 Down To Graham Tokyo Japan 1 CDR live at Budokan Honshu Yes
15.05.1980 Over The Edge Osaka Japan 2 CDR Yes
27.07.1981 Can't Happen Here London UK 2 CDR Yes
x.x.1982 The Final Cut - - Aziya Records 1 CD Yes
18.08.1982 Live Between The Eyes San Antonio, Texas USA Aziya Records 1 CD Yes
14.09.1983 Cardiff 1984 Cardiff UK Live Storm
LSCD 51541
1 CD not a full gig Yes
02.10.1995 Scandinavian Night Stockholm Sweden LANGLEY
1 CD Yes
08.10.1995 The Last Night In Germany Vol. I Hannover Germany Aziya Records 2 CD live in Music Hall Yes
09.10.1995 Temple Of The King Dusseldorf Germany 2 CDR Yes
21.10.1995 The Last Night In Germany Vol. II Munich Germany Aziya Records 1 CD live in Terminal 1 (not a full gig) Yes
03.11.1995 Extra Long London UK 3 CDR Yes
11.11.1995 Stranger Days, The First Day Tokyo Japan 2 CDR Yes
26.07.1996 Bavarian Masquerade Passau Germany 2 CDR from the "Ritchie Serenades Germany" boxset Yes
28.07.1996 A Bit Of A Wet Dream Vosselaar Belgium 2 CDR Yes
30.07.1996 Waltzing With Ritchie Nurnberg Germany 2 CDR from the "Ritchie Serenades Germany" boxset No
21.02.1997 Moon Walker Providence USA 2 CDR + soundcheck: Old Bridge, New Jersey 20.02.1997 Yes
07.03.1997 Doogie's Birthday Party Minneapolis USA Bondage Music
2 Gold CD bonus: Chicago, 02.03.1997 Yes
13.03.1997 Tempe Of The King Tempe, Arizona USA 2 CDR Yes
19.03.1997 The Edge Palo Alto USA 2 CDR Yes
31.05.1997 Mistreated In Denmark Esbjerg Denmark 2 CDR Yes
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